Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The journey so far

I decided to go to *WAR* when I realized I gained 13 kg this year!!!
War against what you may ask, war against fat!!!!
That was my Ah ha moment. I couldn't believe my eyes when I climbed my digital scale which I conveniently  ignored in the past months.
My scale told me I was 122kg *coversface*

 Well am ten days into my lifestyle change and I have lost 2kg *whoop whoop*. I now weigh 119.9kg,  I hope to lose more before the month ends.

My primary goal is to lose 30kg by April 2013,so I have to lose an average of 5kg a month(YES I CAN!!!)

So far I cut out all fatty foods, reduced my carb intake and reduced my juice intake(still working on how to cut it out completely), and I hit the gym. I leave my trainers and work out clothes in my car so I have no excuse not to work out. With time I want to try insanity, p90x3, and all them fancy work out plans I keep hearing about. I hear they work really well and pushes the body more. Am looking for someone in the uk to hook me up wit insanity because I can't seem to find it in lagos. Anyways I'll  work with what I have now, so am going swimming(fun way to burn calories).

Well am kick ass!!


  1. 2kg already! Wow my friend! U can do this n I think I shld join u in ths weight loss, I started jogging sme weeks back, but now with my new job I can't even jog cos am just too tired to even think bout it. So last nite I did 30mins brisk walk home after work!

  2. Thanks bibi, u av motivated me to start.

  3. If you cant get hold of Insanity/P90x just go on youtube and type 'High Intensity Interval training workouts' you should find loads of free videos on there! That's if to say internet speeds are good!