Wednesday, 14 November 2012

First of all.......Introduction

Well where do I start battle with weight loss started at the age of 13(the period when I became conscious of the opposite sex...hehehe). I noticed that I was bigger than most of my peers and I decided to lose the extra weight so I could be lepa(skinny).
Fast forward some 13years after and am still fighting the same battle *bbm straightface* & *sadface* I have decided enough is enough !!! Hence the essence of this blog.
This is a platform for me to share my journey with you all. I will post pictures of me trying to lose meals,exercise,helpful links,info and basically anything that has to do with this personal battle of mine.


  1. Well done babes, you can do it!!!!!

  2. Nice and honest post.

  3. Errmmmm, quick one, would there be needful/useful tips on losing belly fat on this blog as well or it's strictly for weight loss?? Pardon my English, bibi i knw u understand my question

  4. Yes feyi there would be posts about how to loose belly fat and how to tone the tummy. One thing I know is you should try to avoid late night eating.

  5. Well done babe! Gud stuff. I think dis blog wil make mani share deir xperiences and success stories. Weight loss requires 2major things commitment and discipline. Al d best!!