Monday, 26 November 2012

Meal diary

I have been getting mesages to share what my meals consist of and what exercises I do.
Firstly I'll like to mention that i am a beginner at this and that's why I need you all to advise me on anything that has worked for you. All useful opinions are very welcomed *wink*.

Secondly, one of the things i have discovered so far is that every little change counts.

- I now cook with olive oil
- I take out the yoke from the egg
- I use soy milk instead of full cream milk
- I substituted white bread for wheat bread
- I don't miss breakfast
- I reduced my carbohydrate intake
- I take green tea often
- I take a lot of fruits( still working on the Vegs)
- I use wheat pasta instead of the regular white pasta.
- I opted for the salty popcorn and water when I went to the movies on Monday .
- I drink a lot of water.

Am also proud of my ability to say NO!!! My friend ordered this yummy looking club sandwich and kept trying to make me eat it. Literally Begging me to eat !! See me see trouble o.

Anyways,Here is what my meals looked like for the past week .


  1. Looking Good. Keep it up.

  2. Stop taking to much water but u look great

  3. Nicely said Bibi. Keep it up. Boma

  4. Yummy cool stuff

  5. Keep it up!U can also mix half lemon with a warm water tea cup & drink morning & night for greater effects.Congats ! Dad.

  6. Water is very good for u! Drink lots of it...I'm also getting the hang of salty popcorn.

  7. Aah salt popcorn? Naa mehn I can't deal! Goodluck bibi. Phew#
    Vicky B!

  8. Good job...u can do without d juice....except its freshly wat is popcorn made up of?? Isn't it carbohydrate?? Try substitute it with apple and water :)

  9. Nice one dear! One step at a ime its about the lifestyle, your doing good! I'm encouraged :) Oyime!

  10. I hp dis is real o, LOL.
    More Grace to u.

  11. Biola is really inspiring me, I will dust myself up and join this war against fat, me too I must be lepa, I'm starting my own food diary 2mao may God help me keep to it

  12. Keep it up Bibi, kudos for making d xtra effort to stay healty and same time look good,lots of water n breakfast consistency are very well commended, also ♍Ɣ dear not eat late, heavy dinner, or sleeping off immediately after any meal will help a lot, am rite behind U̶̲̥̅̊ all d way~ Omos.

  13. Bibi is on her game....yayyyy....fat must go....u doin great dear...m. Pretty sure ud get results as long as u stick......quite challenging buh def worth it in. D end.....Goodluck dear*hugs*.....Ms Bee!

  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate all your inputs .