Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Aqua aerobics - A fun way to work out

I had a fun time working out today.... It didn't feel like a work out one bit and at the same time it was intense #insanitytinz (in my mind).

I read somewhere that you can burn as much as 600 calories and even up to 1500 calories when you swim for an hour. Check out calories burned calculators in the app store if you use an iPad or iPhone. Very useful I tell you.
If you know any other fun way to work out or you have a personal favorite please do share.



  1. I live an active life and I think it accounts largely for my healthy weight

  2. Way to go girl.... Just be consistent.

  3. Wow! Bibi am very proud of you, your motivating me, and I see your having fun with it! Yes we can win the battle! Doing a great job so far,CONSISTENCY!!! is the key!

  4. Thank Oyime . We would definitely win .