Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just because.........

Just bcos....

-jst bcos it is low fat doesn't mean u get to eat d whole bowl/pack

-jst bcos its fruits doesn't mean u shd over eat it

-jst bcos it is wheat doesn't mean its zero calorie

-jst bcos u work out doesn't mean u must stuff urself afterwards.

-jst bcos its Soy milk doesn't mean u should over indulge.

-jst bcos its ur cheat day doesn't mean u shd go over board wit junk.

-just bcos u've met ur target doesn't mean u shndt maintain it.

-jst bcos u get a few compliments bout a lil weight loss doesn't mean u shd go off ur diet.

-jst bcos its xmas doesn't mean d calories won't count.

-jst bcos ur man likes u this way doesn't mean u shdnt be healthy!!!

-jst bcos u hit a plateau doesn't mean u shd giv up!!!!


  1. And just bcos uve lost 10kg doesn't mean u shld go out and celebrate with a bowl of ice cream

  2. on write up

  3. Thanks princessa and anon 17:56