Sunday, 18 November 2012


A Party is a danger zone for any dieter. Temptation in the name of food flies left and right. All sorts and assorted junk food is being offered to you from all angles .

As I type this am at a party and I just keep chanting to myself "Bibi u can do this,there would be red velvet and small chops mid next year!!! Right now you can't have any"

Since i started i Sometimes refuse to go out cos I know I will consume excess calories:(

Well am working on my will power and I have said NO! to junk food:) So I can go anywhere without succumbing to the temptation of eating more than my allotted calories for the day(1200cals)

If you have any tips on how you control yourself at parties plssssssss share.

On a final note, happy birthday to my home girl nnena a.



  1. Lol,sorry dear. U shall survive! Proud of u

  2. Lol! Am glad am not@ ds party I wld have had@least a piece

  3. I love ur blogs, short nd very interesting...Way to go babes!

  4. Nice posts, interesting too. TIP:Think of heidi Klum? Rooting for ya!

  5. Keep it up,my dear.

  6. I think diet has a lot more to do with lifestyles,emotions and genes. People crediting weight gain with food is overflogged.
    Anyway loving yourself as U r is key cos after U loose all d weight you begin to find smthng else that is wrong with your body.
    Who made the idle wight rule for anybody anyways???

  7. Just do what you feel comfortable with and do it for YOU and not what anybody thinks.
    My 2 cents