Thursday, 6 December 2012

Much Ado about nothing

This post is about my fears........

-I fear I'll fall off the wagon
-I fear I"ll over eat and cancelled the exercise I worked so hard on.
-I fear I might lose the willpower to win this weight loss battle.
-I fear I might not be able to loose weight no matter how hard I try *sob*
-I fear I might relapse especially during the holidays.
-I fear I might be consuming more calories than I think.
-I fear am obsessed (yes am obsessed!!) just for the moment and might eventually burn out.

Ways that snaps me back to reality
- I read success stories.
- I pray .
- I remind myself that I didn't add this weight in 1month therefore how do I expect something drastic to happen within a month or so.
- I chant one of my mantras "slow and steady wins the race".


  1. Truly inspiring!! Bibi don't give up babes! I'm tryin to excercise my self. I realise I loose breathe after just climbing 2 flight of stairs!! Not good. Cheers. Babes. Vb!

  2. You can do it. You've seen how long I've been doing this. It's not easy but like you rightly said "slow and steady wins the race"

    The temptations are always going to be there but you have the power to resist. :-)

  3. Thanks peeps, I appreciate your suport.

  4. Hey biola, do you also go to the gym?

  5. Hey biola, do you also go to the gym?

  6. @gino yes I do. At least 3 times a week.