Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Menu

Seasons Greetings dear readers. Hope you all had a splendid Christmas break.

Well i have been meaning to blog but my days have been so jam-packed, filled with events and work do etc.

As the season approached I thought to myself what am I going to cook for my family that is healthy....well fairly healthy. This is because I absolutely love cooking, especially trying out new recipes.
I finally decided to substitute the regular ingredients for healthier versions.
- I used brown rice and basmati rice instead of the regular white rice.
- used olive oil in place of vegetable oil
- used wheat pasta instead of white pasta
- used oyster sauce instead of soy sauce
- I Also cooked small portions to prevent over eating.

My Christmas menu consisted of basmati rice, shrimp sauce, chicken curry sauce, jollof rice, jollof pasta, salad,roasted chicken,fried chicken and pudding. Which was washed down with champagne,wine and baileys(didn't drink this thou).

One thing I know is strict dieting and the festive season don't mix(straight face), but ama kip kip trying! Am in this to WIN !!! Therefore quitting isn't an option. #gbam

Due to popular demand here is the recipe for the shrimp sauce

1 teaspoon veg oil
1 tablespoon minced ginger
1 red and 2 green bellpepper, thinly sliced in strips
3carrots cut into strips
Frozen shrimps
3 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoon sesame oil (optional)

Heat d oil in a large fry pan,add d galic &ginger. stirfor a min. add d veggies n stir fry till they are tender. Add d shrimps&cook 2 to 3 min,untill they are pink n cooked. Stir in d soy sauce & sesame oil. Pair wit steamed rice.

Can't wait to cook something special and healthy for New year.



  1. Lol! Found it interesting. You could have added salad and vegetables with fish. Loaded your plate with them and put a lil rice on the side. That way you get full in time and eat lower calories

  2. Madame still waiting 4 d preparation!

  3. "Strict dieting and festive season don't mix" lol....dats a lie straight 4rm d devil's pit. U are not yet DETERMINED to loose serious weight....if not food/cabs wld av become ur enemy by now....its a new year...mayb u shld come up with sum "lepa focused" resolutions......all d best!!