Thursday, 13 December 2012

How do i survive this festive season? HELP!!!!

Christmas is here again and its a season of parties, events and social gatherings. And in Lagos, Nigeria there is never a dull moment. How does a young girl like me (hehehe) trying to lose weight stay on track? It's going to be so hardddd!!! I have been reading other blogs with useful info on how to scale through successfully. Some of the tips I gathered are

-Do not attend a function with an empty stomach. Make sure that you have a healthy snack before you leave the house; this will prevent you from over indulging on unhealthy food.

-Keep away from the fried and oily looking foods

-Dressing and dips should be kept on the side, if possible avoid them altogether (or opt for mustard)

-Go for the food that has been boiled, grilled or baked

-Opt for lean meats such as: Chicken, Turkey and Fish, avoid Beef, Pork etc

-Fill your plate with lots of Vegetables or fresh salad!!

-Avoid food that has been drenched in oil and butter

-If there is food that you must have then why not have a small bite instead of a meal size portion?

-Don't eat something for the sake of eating it

-When you are full listen to your stomach!

-There will probably be plenty of alcohol floating around, if needs must opt for a small glass of red and stick to water for the rest of the evening.

-Instead of opting for the party bites i.e nuts, crisps etc why not opt for bite size raw vegetables with hummus or light dressing

-It is okay to say No

-When you attend a work do it is okay to take healthy snacks with you, its the fact that you attended that matters.

-You do not have to attend every function! So make sure you prioritise!

-Do not throw your workout regimen out the window!

You can read more about it here -

Anyhoo, I intend to enjoy myself regardless of my diet. I am just going to find a balance and am gonna stay on track .

On a closing note, I leave you with this quote "If you think that just because you're on a fat-loss quest your diet must take priority over everything else in your life, I kindly recommend that you take a step back and regroup. No diet is worth losing relationships over—ever"-unknown

Do you have any other tips for me? Please do not hesitate to share.