Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The low carb diet.......naija style

Greetings people, this segment reviews trending diets and weightloss methods that have worked for real life individuals living in Nigeria and its communities. 

"The theory behind the low-carb diet is that insulin prevents fat breakdown in the body by allowing sugar to be used for energy. Proponents of the low-carb diet believe that decreasing carbs results in lower insulin levels, which causes the body to burn stored fat for energy and ultimately helps you shed excess weight and reduce risk factors for a variety of health conditions." - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/low-carb-diet/NU00279

The low carb diet naija style involves cutting out most carbohydrates from your diet, that's to say eliminate-;
 rice, yam, garri, all swallows(semi,wheat,amala etc),beans(no,it isn't a protein! When in doubt google😜), bread,ripe plantain, fruit etc.

Acceptable meals when on this diet are;
- fish pepper soup 
- fish
-skinless chicken
-Unripe plantain 
- lots of water

Beans can be introduced later in the diet, say a month after starting because it contains protein and keeps you full for longer.

          Bisi went on the low carb diet 

                  Bisi's progress in pictures

This isn't a quick fix diet but with persistence and determination, you will get results.
Don't forget to exercise when you can and if you don't have time, find a way to chip in some- use the stairs and not the elevator, walk short distances instead of driving ( invest in sunscreen if you are worried about getting dark), don't send your househelp,siblings or spouse so much! Get up and DIY. 
I know it's easier said than done but trust me it is totally doable. 
Hoping to hear some positive feedback.


  1. Nice one Biola. Pls can u do a low carb food time table and how long did it take Bisi?

  2. Suya is allowed? Isn't that beef? H.o.d

  3. yayyyyy....Bisi on battleoftheweight....ghenghen....aw weightloss can turn you to a superstar......bestest post ever!!!
    @Enibokun Bazuaye,Bisi started on the 17th June 2013 and the pictures you see are september/october pictures.....Also,Bisi completely eliminated carbohydrates from her diet and only fed on purely protein.

  4. Wow !!! I need that diet plan o. I need to be like Bisi by Christmas o

  5. This is amazing, good job Bisi, I start tomorrow. Biola I need the time table asap.

  6. Have u tried d low cab diet urself? Saw something like no fruits, but u can do asun and suya? To me it doesn't add up. Clarify the mentioned foods. Thanks. Nice blog by the way

  7. It's is almost the same as the Atkins diet @ adegboyega

  8. My question is : aren't u supposed to see ur doctor and be certified ok before u pounce on protein? Too much protein overwork ur kidneys n leads to kidney failure.

  9. Pls am interested in d diet plan cos I want to strt asap@biola elegba...am I seein tinz cos dat person resemble bisi bakinson

  10. @omotunde you aren't seeing things.....lol. Send me your email address and I'll send you the timetable.

  11. Please am VERY interested in the meal plan. How can I get it please?

  12. Please can one snack on groundnuts and Garden eggs?

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