Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Blog recovered......Yahhhh

Hi people,it's been a while o. Somewhere along the way I lost my login details hence my reason for being MIA!!! Anyways I am glad to be back. It's almost a year since I started this blog and I set goals to be achieved within the year, am sad to announce that I am no where near those goals (chai). Well I am in the process of damage control, so hopefully I'll have some good news by the time this blog is a year. I won't lie, I have truly missed this blog and I want to use the medium to thank those who never gave up on me, reminding me and checking for updates......my mum, my sister dupe, my dad, nena.a, vicky.b, lamide and others. Thanks guys, really appreciate *mwah* Expect to hear from me soon.....am out Xoxo


  1. Way to go girl

  2. Yayyy! You need to shed boo! You know our plans for xmas..lol. H.O.D