Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Before and After

This post is to prove that Healthy eating and exercise does work to keep you trim and fit.no gimmicks,no shortcuts,no fad diet or miracle drug. These are pictures of people I know personally, who have lost weight and kept it off the right way. These pictures have kept me motivated and reminds me of the fact that it's doable. Like my mother used to say "those people doing it, do they have two heads"

Having picked their brains as to how they lost the weight, I will implement their methods but most importantly I will find what works best for me. Hopefully one or two of them would be guest writers on my blog :) and share in detail on how they lost it and kept it off!

Shoutout to Aunty Helen,Modupe,Layo and mseshap. *bighug*

Ps: can't wait to share my own before and after pictures *dancingalingo*


  1. I want my picture up here too. Who know maybe in another 8mnths.

  2. The second to d last pic! Just looks amazing!

  3. Replies
    1. U dint put up doyins pic

  4. WOW...nice, thumbs up!

  5. Wow. I like d binki gal's tummy. Wish mine could b like this