Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Learning to say no !!!!!

Let me start by saying - I can do this !!!!! So help me God.

Today at home everyone decided to have a different dinner, not just that but mouth watering and fattening food.

Today's dinner consisted of
Fried dodo n sweet beans
Indomine and fried eggs
Jollof rice n BBQ chicken

You can imagine the assault on my nose . It took a lot of will power for me to say no and fight the urge to taste one spoon. I am so proud of myself I decided to blog about it *widegrin*

Settled for an avocado,pineapple,carrot and apple smoothie.......yummy.
P.s - my first smoothie, will definitely do more of this.


  1. Bibi @ my own guage I think it is commendable that you ve remained steadfast about the weight loss. Being big is a thing of d mind once it doesn't affect our health but I guess u are in pole poistion to know you feel. Just keep it up @ Lekan Salami

  2. Nice but I think you should replace the avocado and pineapple with other fruits especially cos you were having them at night.